mama’s spaghetti bolognese

Like everyone else, I think that my mother’s spag bol are the best in the world! Well, at least they are very special as my mum likes to add some more to it than tomato sauce. She mixes up mushrooms, spinach and olives to create her very own version of this Italian classic.

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austrian kirtag

This weekend it’s Kirtag in my hometown! Kirtag or Kirchtag / Kirchmess (where the English word kermess derives from) is the biggest festival in my town. It lasts for 4 days of endless fun, dancing, drinking and eating – all the things the Austrians love. Continue reading austrian kirtag

viennese krautfleckerl

Well, the Germans may be called ‘Krauts’ by some folks, but the Austrians are fond of their  Kraut as well. Today, I present to you a classic dish of Viennese cuisine: Krautfleckerl (say: ‘Kraut – flag – earl’). It is actually a main course, but the Kraut tends to get very sweet if stewed long enough which gives the Krautfleckerl their typical sweet & savory taste.

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trip to edinburgh

Long time no see! I have been quite busy lately with university, finals, work and, of course, enjoying summer break. But last week Tom and I decided to leave the stress behind and go on a short vacation to Edinburgh!

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fig and ginger jam

Yesterday I got a glass of homemade fig and ginger jam from Tom’s mum. We spread it on toast and had it for breakfast today – it was delicious. It tastes like winter in a glass as the fig, ginger, cinnamon and rum develops its aroma in your mouth. I had to get that recipe to share with you.

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plum crumble

Plum crumble cake or Zwetschkenstreuselkuchen (tongue twister!) in German is one of my grandma’s best cake recipes. It’s best on cold sundays in fall with plums from her garden.

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blogger recognition award

Wow. I’ve been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by my fellow newbie – blogger janathemunchkin (a great lifestyle blog about a young, inspiring woman who recently moved to Canada and got married). This award was created by Eve to show bloggers that they are part of a community and that their work is appreciated by others. She also wants to establish relationships between authors and their community.

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a walk through the vineyards

Yesterday was a beautiful autumn day in Austria. The weather was great, so Tom and I decided to take a walk through the vineyards.

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baking class and recipes

This weekend I took a baking class to learn how to decorate and garnish cakes and cupcakes. I’ve always wanted to learn how to work with fudge and sugarpaste and so I spent a wonderful afternoon decorating cakes with my friends. I also got some recipes for great cakes I want to share with you.

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mediterranean pasta

Pasta does not need to be a guilty pleasure and there’s more to it than Mac’n’Cheese or Spag Bol. You can enjoy my fast and fresh mediterranean pasta either warm for dinner or cold as pasta salad for lunch.

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